Broken Veil – Alpha Demo

Broken Veil is a very creepy Little Nightmares inspired cinematic puzzle platforming adventure where an orphan with no face goes in search of his mother in their post-Soviet Russian town.

In Broken Veil you follow the story of a young orphan boy living in a twisted nightarish version of post-Soviet Russia. The boy is in search of his missing mother, but to find her he’ll need to overcome many obstacles and escape from lots of grotesque monsters.

The gameplay in Broken Veil is very much reminiscent of Little Nightmares, with you controlling a diminutive little child in a world filled with horrifying grown-ups and monsters. The demo build takes around 15 minutes to play through and features a nice mixture of horror and puzzles (including a fun section with a laser pointer and a cat). Although there are a few rough edges around your character’s climbing animations, it’s a remarkably polished experience with high quality visuals, highly detailed environments and some very freaky monster designs. Definitely worth keeping an eye on if you’re a fan of the Little Nightmares games.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Broken Veil Alpha Demo Here (Steam)