Brownie Cove Cancelled – Game Jam Build

Brownie Cove Cancelled, a bizarre little oddity created for Ludum Dare 43, sees you milling about a strange airport while you wait for your flight to Brownie Cove, which gets massively delayed.

You are at a somewhat busy airport. There isn’t much to do while waiting for your fight, apart from exploring around and seeing what other people have to say. Everyone around you seems to be talking about the airport around them – reviewing everything they have experienced up until this point. Your plane isn’t boarding yet, clocks everywhere countdown the time, so there is nothing to do but explore until then (and then when it gets cancelled wait a bit more). If you’d rather not explore and instead just want to pass time, you can press E and watch your character do his own thing. He might go and sit down or wander around a bit. You’ve got plenty of time to waste!

Brownie Cove Cancelled is a curious thing. It manages to recreate the aimless wandering about you do in an airport while waiting for your flight, but also throws in a bit of random weirdness like fish floating through the air, toilet souvenirs and a hard to reach (and slightly buggy) black vortex room. There’s no real objective but it’s interesting wandering around and wasting time.  Maybe your plane will actually board sometime. Maybe you’ll never leave. But there are worse places to be stuck than the airport of Brownie Cove Cancelled.

You can download Brownie Cove Cancelled Here (Windows, Mac, & Linux)