Brunswick Pro Billiards – Open Beta

Brunswick Pro Billiards is an easily accessible billiards game that allows you to play online or single-player billiards games from the comfort of your PC.

The developers of Brunswick Pro Billiards are aiming to make it the most realistic and immersive billiards game available for any platform. In the game you’re able to play 8 ball and 9 ball billiards in single-player and online or local multiplayer modes. There are also three single-player only modes (Time Attack, 9 Ball Solitaire and Shot Caller) for you to sharpen your cue skills on. Matches take place on officially licensed Brunswick tables, using licensed balls and cues (which you can purchase different types of in the store).

It’s a fun game with great ball physics and an intuitive UI that makes it easy to pick up and play. Well worth checking out for a bit of ball-whacking billiards fun.

Download The Brunswick Pro Billiards Beta Here (Steam)