Brutal Castle – Alpha Demo

Brutal Castle puts new meaning to the phrase “castle warfare” as you control a fire-breathing castle that punches, stomps and burns Godzilla-esque monsters that are made of earth.

Brutal Castle is essentially a beat ‘em up where you are a massive stone castle. The current build features two levels which see you fighting giant monsters that spawn out of the ground and end with challenging boss fights that will really test your castle fighting skills. You’re not very fast, but you can really put some weight behind your attacks and as you progress you unlock new attacks too.

It is obviously early in development and in need of a bit more variety but it’s a great concept and it’s a lot of fun. It feels like there’s real weight behind your attacks and movement, and the pixel art animation is superb. God help anyone foolish enough to lay siege to this castle!

Download the Brutal Castle Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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