Brutal MooD™ – Alpha Demo

Brutal MooD™ is a brutal, fast paced top down shooter that plays like the bastard child of Hotline Miami and Doom, with big beefy weapons, line of sight mechanics and buckets of gore!

Drawing inspiration from the classic run n’ gun gameplay of Doom, Brutal MooD™ sees you taking control of a lone soldier who must fight back against a demonic invasion. You’ll have to blast your way through possessed soldiers and demonic beasts using a selection of classic FPS weaponry, including shotguns and miniguns.

The demo build of Brutal MooD™ features two levels of top down demon blasting fun. It features line of sight mechanics, so you can never be sure what’s waiting for you when you open a door and round a corner (but most of the time you can bet it’ll be a demon ready to rip you to shreds). The combat is fast and bloody, with satisfyingly beefy weaponry and some conveniently placed explosive barrels that can do some serious damage.

It’s pretty challenging and lots of fun, managing to recreate the look and feel of Doom but in top down form. Classic 90’s run n’ gun action with a top down twist.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Check Out the Brutal MooD™ Steam Page Here

Download The Brutal MooD™ Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)