Bubblegum Zombie Hunter – Alpha Demo

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is a fast paced and fun twin-stick shooter where a bubblegum chewing streamer uses a gumball gun to blast her way through hordes of zombies that have invaded her hometown.

Currently in development by ProjectLevel (creators of The Lair) Bubblegum Zombie Hunter puts you in the role of Kaylee Bu33le – a popular streamer whose internet connection is disrupted by a zombie outbreak. She now needs to blast her way through town, rescue her friends and save the internet.

The current demo build of Bubblegum Zombie Hunter features one location from the full game – Keylee’s old high school. You need to shoot your way through and search for five randomly placed gas canisters that you can use to refuel your van. The normal zombies are easy enough to dispatch, but they can be hard to deal with if large groups of them gather and there’s also a huge unkillable zombie that you need to run from.

The gameplay in Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is fast, fun and surprisingly intense at times when the zombie hordes start to gather around you en-masse. Your gumball gun is pretty handy for dispatching enemies (but you need to make sure you keep it topped up with power) and there are also some handy power-ups that can help fend off the zombie hordes.

It’s a fun game with an enjoyably silly premise, excellent pixel art animation and surprisingly challenging twin-stick arcade gameplay. Time to send those pesky internet-disrupting zombies packing!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bubblegum Zombie Hunter Alpha Demo Here (Windows)