Bubumbu – Beta Demo

Bubumbu is a charming little hand drawn puzzler where you explore a beautifully drawn seaside landscape and attempt to return objects to the places they’re needed.

In Bubumbu you control a little jigsaw piece that contains a certain object that one of the characters (or objects) in a large, hand drawn scene needs. Your task is simply to explore the scene and press the spacebar to place the object where it belongs, at which point you’ll be given another object to find a place for. It’s a little like a Where’s Waldo (or Where’s Wally) style hidden object game, except you already have the object in question, you’re just looking for the perfect place to put it.

The current build of Bubumbu contains one large beachside level and takes around 10 minutes to play through. It can occasionally be tricky to figure out what the object is that you’re carrying (such as the peg-leg), but for the most part the places where the jigsaw objects go are logical and fun to figure out. The hand drawn artwork is a particular highlight, with the scene filled with fun little details to discover. A cheerful and charming little puzzler that’s packed full of character.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Bubumbu Here (Browser)