Buccaneers: Shipshape – Beta Demo

Buccaneers: Shipshape is a good old fashioned retro side-scrolling beat ‘em up where four fearless pirates fight their way through the Caribbean.

A fully fleshed out remake of the classic 1989 arcade game, Buccaneers: Shipshape is a pirate-themed beat ‘em up that’s playable with up to four players. The gameplay is significantly upgraded over the original, and plays very much like Final Fight, with Z axis movement, pickupable weapons, grabs and special attacks.

The demo build features two levels and two of the four playable characters. It is a little easy, but the combat feels fast and responsive, and there’s some clever use of environmental hazards. Also, once you complete the demo you unlock you can play a version of the classic game, which is oddly reminiscent of the Keven Costner’s Waterworld game from The Simpsons!

Download The Buccaneers: Shipshape Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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