Buddy Simulator 1984 – Alpha Demo

Buddy Simulator 1984 is a clever retro styled and oddly creepy narrative driven experience where you chat to a virtual buddy who learns who you are and adapts to your interests and personality.

Congratulations, you’re the new owner of Buddy Simulator 1984 – cutting edge 80’s AI technology which allows you to accurately simulate the feeling of hanging out with a best friend! You can give your buddy a name and chat or play games with each other. And if you get fed up of the games, perhaps your buddy may manage to find more for your to do…

The current demo build of Buddy Simulator 1984 takes around 30 minutes to play through and serves as a great little introduction to the Buddy Simulator software. The entire game is played out via a faux computer interface, and after answering a few questions (so that your new AI buddy can get to know you), then you can chat and play with each other for a while. The three games that are available initially are fairly simple (Guess the Number, Hangman & Rock, Paper, Scissors) and would get tiresome but your AI buddy will go above and beyond to please its new best friend – perhaps a little too eager.

It’s a very interesting game with a great retro aesthetic, some great surprises and an intriguing narrative that’s cleverly told. It’s not a full on horror game (at least in the demo build) but there’s a definite sense that your 80’s AI buddy may get a little too attached to you and and try a little too hard to make you happy. Your buddy may not like it if it doesn’t get its way!

Download The Buddy Simulator 1984 Alpha Demo Here (Windows)