Bugaboo – Beta Demo

Bugaboo is a narrative driven virtual pet adventure where you attempt to raise and release bugs to help the land recover after a devastating fire.

In Bugaboo you are a research scientist who is attempting to breed bugs that will help form an ecosystem that will allow the surrounding forest to recover after a wildfire. You hatch and raise the bugs like Tamagotchi style virtual pets, with you feeding them, playing minigames and furnishing their tanks. As you progress you’ll learn more about the bugs and you’ll release them into the wild.

It’s a fun take on the virtual pet genre, and the fact that the only way your bugs can die is from old age makes it a very wholesome and chilled out experience. There’s a nice variety of things to do with your bugs, the pixel art is superb and there’s a nice satisfaction he helping rebuild the woodland. Highly recommended.

Download The Bugaboo Beta Demo Here (Steam)