Bugs Must Die – Beta Demo

Bugs Must Die is a challenging 2D top-down twin-stick shooter with RPG elements that sees you blasting your way through an army of bugs that are about to invade Earth.

Drawing inspiration from Crimsonland, Ikari Warriors and Jackal, Bugs Must Die sees you taking on the role of an elite soldier from the Galactic Pests Control Company who has been sent to deal with an army of alien bugs who are about to invade Earth. You are alone, but you do have a selection of heavily armed assault vehicles that you can customise with different loadouts and upgrades between levels.

The current build of Bugs Must Die features plenty of gameplay, with four challenging levels to blast your way through and lots of nifty upgrades to unlock. It’s a tough game, with relentless hordes of alien bugs and powerful bosses to dispatch – some of which can deplete all your health with one shot (causing you to eject from your vehicle and make a last stand in your not-so-heavily-armed escape pod).

It’s a great game, with fast and frantic twin-stick arcade action, excellent pixel art animation, brutal bosses and lots of unlockables and upgrades to kit out your vehicle with. Check it out now to show those bugs who’s boss!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bugs Must Die Beta Demo Here (Windows)

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