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build and defend

Build and Defend is a top-down/3rd person multiplayer rogue-like sandbox game where you have to find resources, build a fortress, set-up defences and discover technologies to aid your survival against the hordes of enemies.  As you progress, you’ll upgrade your fortress and defences to fight off the increasingly aggressive and powerful waves of enemies, you’ll get some respite during daylight, but when darkness falls they’ll attack in swarms.

Build and Defend pairs Zelda‘s combat mechanics with Minecraft‘s buildings and crafting, then adds multiplayer, Horde mode and some tower defence elements.  This combination of game-styles works well and the distinctive art style which uses 2D pixelated characters in a 3D world gives it a lot of charm. Also, the old-school retro sound-track is amazing!

You can download the Free Beta Demo or purchase the full Beta HERE

1 thought on “Build and Defend – Beta Download”

  1. Hi all,

    I hope you guys will enjoy our game :) Do not hesitate to leave your comments here, on Alpha Beta Gamer, and on the official forum of Build&Defend.

    It is thank to your feedback that B&D is hopefully fun to play!

    B&D is in constant development, and we are adding new features each weeks — so, don’t forget to check it regularly. As a spoiler, I am currently working on a new Boss that will be a “real” challenge for you — event for the best players :)


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