Burning Daylight – Student Game

Burning Daylight is a beautiful and thought provoking Sci-Fi adventure that makes exceptional use of environmental storytelling as you make your way through it’s dystopian world.

Created by students of The Animation Workshop, Burning Daylight is a remarkable narrative driven adventure that tells its story via the world you walk through. The cinematic visuals, dystopian Sci-Fi atmosphere and camera angles are fondly reminiscent of Inside, but it’s much more focused on narrative than puzzles, You can move three dimensionally in a lot of areas and the game world and narrative are very different.

It takes around 40 minutes to play through Burning Daylight and there’s a lot to unpack during and after you’ve played it. Every area you walk through tells you more about the world that you live in – a dystopian society housed within a grim mechanical megastructure, waiting for the day when they can live outside.

Burning Daylight asks and answers a lot of important questions about how such a society would function. Questions such as what happens to religion when technology is god? And how do you keep such a population under your control? Augmented Reality could be used to make the world look nicer, keep the population in check and feed them advertisements, but how do you make them do what you want and how do you enforce the wearing of headsets? The answers aren’t pleasant, but Burning Daylight answers these questions and a lot more as you traverse it’s fascinating game world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Burning Daylight Here (Steam)