Burrito Galaxy (or Burrito Galaxy 64: Mega-Tortilla Bean Saga 30X6 – Planetoid SAL-5A XIV Directors Cut: Extreme Edition, to give it it’s full name) is a silly game, in fact it’s probably one of the silliest games you’ll ever play.  To quote the dev, It’s a ‘first person neo-burritocore procedural roguelikelikelike rythmic taquitocrawler’, that sees you taking on the role of Gauc from the planet Sal-5A as he explores a (very) strange planet that he’s crash landed on.

Guac must fight his way up through the infinite tower shaped planet, using a Burrito and a strong backhand.  You’ll Fight strange hand drawn enemies, solve puzzles, partake in odd conversations with aliens and hidden rapper girl, find swag, and generally just enjoy exploring the truly bizarre planet.

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