Burst Fighter – Alpha Download


Burst Fighter is a fast paced hardcore bullet hell shooter for one or two players in which you pilot customisable fighters against waves of deadly enemies and giant bosses as you battle to save your homeward from a robotic menace.

In Burst Fighter you build your ship out of three distinct sections – the Core, the Wings and the Weapon. There’s a nice selection of parts you can choose for each section – each of which has a dramatic effect on your ships weaponry. Once you’re happy with your build, you (and a friend) can venture forth into the intimidating waves of bullets and baddies for you to doge and blast.

Burst Fighter is very much a bullet hell shooter, with you weaving your way around masses of bullets. It shows a lot of promise, with its fun, fast paced, spectacle filled combat as you shoot your way through enemies and bosses. Great fun on your own and a blast with two players.

Download the Burst Fighter Alpha Here (Windows)