Butcher – Prototype Download


Butcher is a fast-paced and brutal 2D pixel art arena shooter harkening back to the classic contra-style shooters of the early 90’s, that gives you one objective – kill everything that moves.

You play a cyborg who’s sole purpose is to eradicate all organic life on the planet, using any means necessary.  This generally entails lots of bloody-splattering combat as you blast your way through hordes of puny humans with some satisfyingly OTT weaponry.

The prototype features three levels and eight different types of powerful weaponry to blow away enemies with.  It’s a fun, and delightfully brutal game, that coats everything with the bloodstains of your fallen foe.  You may manage to eradicate all life from the planet, but the clean-up bill afterwards is going to be huge!

Download or Play Butcher Prototype HERE (Windows, Linux & Browser)