Bzzzt – Beta Demo

Bzzzt is a beautifully animated old school 2D pixel art platformer where a cute little robot tests out their abilities in a series of deadly test chambers.

Drawing inspiration from classic 80’s platformers, Bzzzt is a charming and challenging retro styled platformer that promises some interesting narrative twists as you prove your abilities and help your creators as they in their fight against the “completely mad professor Badbert”. In the game you take control of a newly created robot and make your way through a series of test chambers filled with deadly hazards.

The demo build takes around 15 minutes to play through and offers a real challenge as you tackle its beautifully animated levels. The actual gameplay is VERY old school, with no dashes, special abilities or even wall-jumps – you can simply run and jump. However, as basic as the gameplay is, the tight controls and the fun level design mean that it doesn’t get stale. It’s shaping up to be an excellent slice of retro arcade action well worth checking out.

Download the Bzzzt Beta Demo Here (Steam)