C.O.R.E. – Student Project Game

C.O.R.E. is an epic Sci-Fi first person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you exploring a strange world located within the core of the Earth, unlocking new skills and using them to solve puzzles and battle monsters.

In C.O.R.E. you take on the role of a scientist who, after mining down to towards the Earth’s core, suddenly finds himself trapped in a strange world, filled with mysterious contraptions and deadly monsters. You soon come across glowing orbs which allow you to manipulate gravity in different ways and will hopefully aid your escape from this world-within-a-world.

There’s a lot of content in the game, with diverse biomes, awe-inspiring sights, cleverly designed puzzles and even boss fights. Your C.O.R.E. gravity manipulation abilities are very handy and are use in some inventive ways throughout the game. The standard enemies do tend to frustrate a little, but it can be fun figuring out how to dispatch them using your gravity powers (you don’t have a traditional gun).

It’s a very polished and surprisingly large game with beautiful low poly visuals, lots of interesting surprises and clever use of its gravity bending mechanics. Highly recommended.

Note: The Kinetic Core is a little confusing to use when you first get it. You have to press and hold RT, Drag it in the direction you want to move the object, release RT then press LT.

Download C.O.R.E. Here (Windows)