Caffeine – Pre-Alpha Demo


One-man development team Dylan Browne is working on his solo project Caffeine, built on Unreal Engine 4.  This puzzle solving horror adventure has a ways to go, but a playable Pre-Alpha Demo is available to give you a taste of its unsettling atmosphere.

You’ll take point as a young boy wandering a caffeine mining station, and soon realize you’re not alone. Immediately upon beginning the game, the air is already thick with a feeling of disconnection. You’re not sure whether reality is reacting to you with hostility, or if you can walk these corridors unscathed.

Although there’s a lot more content than the last build we featured, there still isn’t a whole lot of interaction going on as of yet.  However, the goal of the demo is to get you acquainted with the games’ atmosphere and it accomplishes this surprisingly well.  You’ll find yourself wondering if your safety has been compromised, or if you’ll be able to get to your destination alive. There are notes from scientists left behind, particularly post-it notes attempting to convey a warning about a man who’s been watching you. There is a chance to include a lot of lore and back story through the methods already developed, and we should see a good turnout in the near future.

The indiegogo campaign raised a little over $3000, not enough to cover hiring and licensing expenses, but that hasn’t stopped Dylan from continuing production.  We’ve reached out to the developer for some updated information on the project as we’d love to find out what happened in this eerily deserted space station.

Download the Caffeine Pre-Alpha Demo HERE