Caffeine (Spotted by @FreakOramaXD) is an interesting new Sci-Fi horror game that casts you as a young boy who wakes up all alone in a seemingly derelict caffeine mining space station.  Confused and alone, you have to explore the space station, finding crypitc notes and voice recordings which will unlock the mystery of what transpired there.

This Pre-Release Demo is just a very short taster and is lacking any real action, but it does give a great sense of atmosphere and tension.   As you travel gown the long dark corridors of the station it’s so reminiscent of the Nostromo, that you keep on expecting an Alien to jump out at you from an air duct.  Graphically it’s excellent too (although still needs some optimisation), currently running on Unreal Engine 3, the dev plans to use Unreal Engine 4 for the full game.

Check out the IndieGoGo Campaign HERE

Check out the new Unreal Engine 4 powered Trailer HERE

Download the Pre-Release Demo HERE