Call of Combat – Alpha Demo

call of combat

Call of Combat is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game where quick teamwork coordination is key to victory.

It’s a modern take on two games, Chain of Command (1999) and the original Call of Combat (2002) – both great tactical games but showing their age, so the developers plan to recapture their great strategic gameplay and to get the fan base back together.

You control a squad of four in a top-down view, with potentially other player controlled squads, against enemy squad/s in intense battles in which you have to eliminate all the enemy soldiers on the field in order to win. The most seasoned combatant of each team has the role of coordinating the team’s actions through the commanders interface, simultaneously serving as a tactical overview of the battle. It is through the leader’s strategic guidance and combined effort that victory is achieved.  It’s a good looking game, that offers up deep tactical gameplay, and a large focus on co-operation.

Check out a Gameplay video HERE

Download the Alpha Demo and Check out Their Kickstarter HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)