Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Open Beta

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta will be available to all PC owners tomorrow, but thanks to a special promotion with Twitch, everyone can get free access to the Beta today!

It looks like PS4 and Xbox One owners aren’t getting a Black Ops 4 open Beta (they have to pre-order), but thankfully PC players are. The open Beta officially starts tomorrow (September 15th) at 10am PDT, but thanks to a promotion Activision is doing with a handful of popular Twitch streamers you can get in a whole day early!

To obtain an early access token which will grant you access to the Black Ops 4 Beta today, you simply have to watch either one of Shroud, Ninja, Summit1G, and TimTheTatman streams for at least an hour between 10am PT and 2pm PT today. You must have a Twitch account and a account, and must link the Twitch account to the account (more info on how to do this here). Once you’ve watched an hour of a stream then your account will be credited with an early access token.

If watching Twitch streams isn’t your thing you can still access the open Beta tomorrow anyway via the launcher and it’s still available to pre-download today.  The Open Beta allows players to experience Call of Duty’s highly anticipated Blackout mode – a battle royale mode that allows for single, duo or quad last man standing action with some of the CoD’s most beloved characters in a huge map with ATv’s, trucks, boats and helicopters. It’s pretty excellent and could easily be the next step in the battle royale genre’s evolution. Jump into the Beta to find out!

Important Note: Be sure to link your Twitch and accounts!

You Can Find Info On Setting Up a Twitch Account Here

You Can Download The Black Ops 4 Beta Via The Launcher