Call of Karen – Student Game Download

Call of Karen is a comedic first person housewife simulator which sees Cthulhu invading your home and causing chaos in a 1950’s suburban household.

In Call of Karen you take on the role of the titular Karen – a rather underappreciated suburban housewife in 1950’s America. You listen to the hilariously patronizing radio shows as you go about your daily tasks, which generally revolve around cooking breakfast, hoovering the floor (and the walls) and cooking a meal in the evening – all with very little thanks from your ungrateful family.

Your husband and son really are the worst and they pretty much just totally ignore you, but there is another entity in the house that pays you a little more attention. The only problem being that it’s Cthulhu and he seems intent on making you slowly lose your mind by making strange visions appear and making everyday objects float around the house – try cooking bacon and eggs with no gravity, it’s an absolute nightmare!

A lot of the tasks in Call of Karen do get a bit repetitive (particularly the cooking), but it’s a fun concept with a great sense of humor that pokes fun at the sexism leveled towards housewives in 1950’s America. The chores really are dull, so maybe Cthulhu is just trying to make things more interesting!

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