Call Of Sword – Prototype Build

Call Of Sword

Call of Sword is fun futuristic action platformer with engaging combat and challenging platforming, in which you set out on a quest to save your dying planet.

The sword based combat feels a little similar to the early Prince of Persia games, with each encounter turning into a duel, that requires timing and blocking.  Your sword also comes in handy while platforming, as it is used to activate mechanisms.  You’ll also find get a useful grappling hook that will help you on your quest.

Call of Sword also promises an engaging story, where nothing is black or white.  Your character has difficult choices ahead of him as he sets out to save his world.  The devs plan to add a lot more polish and gameplay, but even in the current prototype, the animation is great and the combat and platforming controls are responsive.  A fun and challenging action platformer with plenty of depth.

Check Out The Call Of Sword Greenlight Page HERE

Play The Prototype HERE (Don’t have to log in, just click one of the save files on the left)