Calling Out Into the Night – Game Jam Build Download

Calling Out Into the Night is a narrative driven first person experience where you find yourself trapped in an underground bunker in an apocalyptic world where soaring temperatures have made the surface of the planet uninhabitable.

The entirety of Calling Out Into the Night takes place within a (supposedly) self-sustaining underground shelter that you’ve found yourself trapped in. It has a fresh water supply, a shower, a toilet, canned food, a bed, a hydroponics system for growing vegetables and a computer. Each day you wake up, water the vegetables, eat some food, shower, etc, and then once the computer has enough power then you can read your journals and scan for radio signals.

Unfortunately for you the shelter isn’t quite as self-sustaining as you’d hope as the vegetables take forever to grow and the inlet for the water supply is blocked. You can’t survive down there forever then and your only hopes rest in getting in touch with anyone from the outside. Help may never come though and as the game plays out, you learn more about the world outside the bunker and the increasing despair of your character through the journals they write on the computer.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, Calling Out Into the Night is a sombre and creative piece of interactive storytelling that does a great job of painting a picture of the outside world without ever letting you see it. Things are grim on both sides of the walls of this bunker!

Download Calling Out Into the Night Here (Windows & Mac)