Cally’s Caves 3 – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Callys Caves 3

Cally’s Caves 3, a game being created by VDO Games, is a 2D Mega Man-esque run and gun platformer that finds you in search of your arch-enemy Herbert.

The game starts off with the main protagonist’s parents being kidnapped. You, as the protagonist, must work your way through multiple stages to rescue your parents from your Arch-Enemy Herbert. With your trust pistol equipped, you traverse the landscapes in search of Herbet as you shoot oyur way through countless enemies, not ot mention the intimidating boss fights at the end of each section.

The game take massive influence from Mega Man, in it’s typical run and gun game play. There are plenty of power ups to find along the way as well, from different weapons to power ups that make each gun more powerful. The game also features an XP system which sees not only you level up but your weapons as well. With each level up your guns become more powerful, even becoming a new weapon with better firepower and various other changes, making the gameplay different depending on what guns you prefer to use.

With 15 levels across 2 zones (that is in the demo ALONE) to keep you enthralled until the very end, Cally’s Caves 3 is bound to serve up a bullet storm of happiness to who ever plays it.

NOTE: This game has already been Greenlit on Steam and will be released in January of next year!

Download The Cally’s Caves 3 Alpha Demo Here