Cancelled Refuge – Game Jam Build Download

cancelled refuge

Cancelled Refuge, a fun little game made for Ludum Dare 37, is a fun action platformer that gets tougher with every new playthrough!

In Cancelled Refuge you can pick from 3 different areas to play; Jungle Room, Temple Room, and Factory Room, each of which has a star rating to tell you how challenging the room will be. Jungle Room is easier for beginners, while Factory Room is a lot more challenging. Once you have picked your room, you move on to picking your character. There are five very different characters to choose from, each with different special abilities and weapons. All of them are quite different in the way they look and play in the game.

Once you’ve selected your level and character then the real fun starts. This whole game takes place in a single small area, but once you make it to the end you’re teleported back to the beginning of the level complete with a simple addition that will make the level more difficult (such as extra enemies, spikes, water or  turrets).  The more waves you survive, the greater your higher high score, but the more the game challenges you, adding more and more challenges each time you make it to the end.

It’s a fun, addictive and challenging game in which the better you are at it, the more rage inducing hazards it throws at you.  A cleverly crafted high score chasing action platformer that will eventually kick your ass, no matter how good you get at it!

Download Cancelled Refuge Here (Win Only)