Candela – Alpha Demo

Candela is an inventive puzzle platformer where you use combinations of differently colored lights to make objects appear and disappear in the world.

In Candela you control a little lantern-headed character who can pick up and carry differently colored flames within their head. This not only gives you a cool looking colored glow that surrounds you, but can also be used to make certain colored objects appear and disappear in the world. So for instance, blue blocks may appear when you hold a blue flame near them or purple spikes may appear when there are red and blue flames nearby. You need to try and figure out which objects you want to make disappear and which you need to appear, and try to adjust the position of the colored flames accordingly.

It’s a great little game with a charming pixel art visual style and some very creative level design that does a great job of utilising your abilities in inventive ways. A cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer well worth shining a light on.

Download The Candela Alpha Demo Here (Steam)