Candy Coven – Alpha Demo

Candy Coven is a charming, cheerful and funny metroidvania where little witch sets out on a quest to become the Chosen One armed with an endless supply of candy.

A sequel/remake of the also excellent Witch: A Special Delivery, (which we’d also recommend checking out), Candy Coven puts you in the shoes of a cute little witch who finds a spell book that contains a spell to find out if she is the Chosen One – a witch of immeasurable power. The only problem is that you need three eyes of newt to cast the spell and they’re all sold out at your local shop. Time to set out on an adventure in search of some!

It takes around 15 minutes to play through the current build of Candy Coven (plus there are some bonus challenge rooms you can tackle too) and it’s a delightful little adventure from start to finish. The writing is funny, the pixel art animation is excellent, the characters are quirky and the action platforming gameplay is nice and responsive. A vibrancy and joyful little metroidvania adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Candy Coven Alpha Demo Here (Windows)