Can’t Drive This – Game Jam Build

Can't Drive This

Can’t Drive This (or to give it it’s full name – Can’t Drive This Because The @!$#ing Road is Still Under Construction), is a super tough multiplayer co-op (or Single Player if you’re good at multitasking) construction driving game in which one player builds the road on-the-fly with the mouse while the other player drives a vehicle with the keyboard. But you can’t hang around – drop below a certain speed and you’re vehicle will explode.

It basically takes the bomb-on-a-bus idea from Speed and mixes it up with a road building puzzler to create some wonderfully chaotic gaming. The driver gets a choice of Dune Buggy or Truck and is placed on a square section of road with nothing around it. It’s up to the builder to then lay pieces of track and attempt to build a road that’s reasonably easy to navigate. Much like Tetris the building blocks you’re given are all random though, so you get an assortment of obstacles, jumps, boosts and turns that can be a nightmare for the driver to navigate unless the builder is doing their job well.

It’s a fun game that can cause plenty of ‘colorful language’ to be used between players as they blame each other for messing up. If you’re playing alone, you only have yourself to blame – but if you can make it into double digits on the scoreboard you’re a multitasking mastermind!

UPDATE: This Build Is No Longer Available, But You Can Purchase The Full Game On Steam Here