Canvas The Gallery – Prototype Download


Canvas The Gallery is a super fun art game in which you use spray paint to create masterpieces on blank canvases hanging in an art gallery!

The premise in Canvas The Gallery is simple – have fun, leave your mark on the pristine art gallery and create some art (or just create a mess). There are no goals, and you don’t get marked on how good (or how bad) your artwork is, you simply let your creativity flow and see where it takes you.

You have a selection of spray paint colors, which can be accessed by pressing the number keys, and you can change the outline of your stencil with the right mouse button or adjust it’s size with the mouse wheel. It’s not the most intricate way of painting of so it’s unlikely you’ll be painting the Mona Lisa any time soon, but it’s great fun and it’s particularly satisfying to see the gallery visitors leaving with prints of your work under their arm.

Canvas The Gallery is still early in development, so expect plenty more gameplay additions in the future (including access to a mysterious barriered off area), but as it stands it’s a great first person graffiti/art game that really allows you to express yourself (or just draw c**ks and balls all over the place!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Canvas The Gallery Here (Windows)