Capelord: Bounty Hunters – Open Beta

Capelord: Bounty Hunters is a multiplayer lateral action shooter where skilled bounty hunters complete missions competitively or cooperatively.

Playable with up to four players, Capelord: Bounty Hunters features a single-player campaign mode, a cooperative multiplayer mode and a PvP multiplayer mode. In the game you take control of one of three cybernetically augmented female bounty hunters, each with their own unique skills. On your missions you’ll have to deal with galactic empires, crime gangs and lots of freaky alien monsters.

It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s got a lot of style and it’s always fun to team up with (or kick the ass of) some friends. Join up now to scart claiming those bounties!

Join In The Capelord: Bounty Hunters Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)