Capsular – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Capsular is an intense “One Shot, One Kill” arena shooter with super fast paced skill based combat, easily accessible gameplay and projectiles you need to dodge to stay alive.

In Capsular everyone spawns in with just a pistol and their own skill (there’s no CoD-style perks and upgrades here). Around the arenas you’ll find useful vantage points for getting the drop on opponents and boxes that contain an assortment of weaponry for you to use.

Before you enter the arena, you can change the color of your character and a word or phrase that will appear when you destroy an enemy. Whatever you put here will show up on postcard that appears on the screen of the person you took down. All the weapons fire slow(ish) moving projectiles that you can try to dodge as they come towards you, and you WILL want to dodge them as just a single hit will send you to meet your maker. When you do die, you have a quick respawn time though, so you can get back into the action and you won’t find yourself out of the game for long.

It’s a fun game that impresses with its easily accessible, fast paced combat and One Hit, One Kill gameplay. An arena shooter that’ll really test your precision shooting and bullet dodging skills. We have 100 Steam Beta Keys for Capsular to give away! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. The Beta will be live until the 23rd of Feb 19:00 PM (UTC + 1). Winners will be notified tomorrow.

Players Can Give Feedback Via the Discord Group Here

Check out Capsular on Steam Here

Capsular – Steam Beta Key Giveaway