Captain Reverso – Game Jam Build

captain reverso

Captain Reverso, a super tough trucking game made for the JS13K Games Jam 2015, has you attempting to reverse park truck trailers to save the world.

Captain Reverso, also known as Bob, is a truck driver! One day, he wakes up with a hangover to find that all the truck drivers in the world have disappeared. Now it is up to you to deliver all of the world’s trailers in time.

You must back into trailers and press spacebar to connect your truck, then manoeuvre and reverse that trailer into it’s parking space. This is no easy task. Not only does the trailer start to break if it gets hit, but the cab of your truck can also take damage (even from the trailer). You must figure out the best way to move these trucks into the space, within the time limit.

Some levels require maneuvering trucks through tight parking garages and into small spaces. Many levels have more than one trailer that needs to be put in its place.  The simple sounding task of parking a trailer makes for some thoroughly entertaining gameplay in Captain Reverso – you’ll bash and smash plenty of objects in this tricky trailer parking game – no matter how good a driver you are!

Play Captain Reverso in your browser Here