Captive Audience – Prototype Download

Captive Audience is a dark, twisted and satirical first person narrative thriller that sees you held captive within a Truman Show/Big Brother-esque reality show against your will, and if your show gets cancelled then so do you!

In Captive Audience you take on the role of Matt, an unwilling contestant on a reality TV show called Captive Audience. Each day you wake up and must perform different tasks such as baking a cake, playing a video game or sending an email – all for the entertainment of those watching. Even though you are being held captive you need to be polite and entertaining for your audience or you may face serious repercussions or even have your show cancelled (after which you’d be executed).

There is an underlying narrative about why Matt is being held captive that you can read on the game’s download page, but it’s best to try to piece together what’s going on during your playthrough and then read the backstory after. You’re not alone in there – every night you can talk to another contestant through the wall of your room and your wife is being held in there somewhere too. There also seems to be someone within the system that’s on your side, who may be able to help you escape and extract your revenge…

Even though the devs class it as a prototype, Captive Audience is a polished and fleshed out experience that really draws you in with its thrilling narrative and makes you care for the characters. Taking around an hour to play through, it really impresses with its clever puzzle design, full voice acting and dark satirical narrative with some great twists. A twisted reality TV adventure well worth tuning in for. Highly recommended.

Notes: You need to sit in a chair to play the video game console or use the computer. Don’t use the record player as it can cause a bug that makes the music play loudly and never stop. A new build was just released a few hours ago so any bugs may be fixed (and it has some new content too).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Captive Audience Here (Windows)