Captured – Pre-Alpha Demo

Captured is a very tense first person horror adventure in which you must escape from a series of SAW-esque test/torture rooms while being pursued by a blind homicidal maniac called Damien.

It Captured you wake up in a blood splattered dungeon that’s split into a series of test chambers and a ‘helpful’ voice talking to you over the intercom who explains your predicament. It appears you’ve been captured, drugged and locked up in there, and must solve a series of puzzles to stand any chance of escaping alive.

The puzzles start off simply, with you pulling levers to open doors, but soon get fiendishly tough (particularly the last one), and all the while there is a blind psychopath (Damien) chasing you with a machete. Damien is blind but not deaf, so if you’re careful, quiet and use distractions then you MAY stand a chance of surviving However, the chambers are small and if he does hear you he’ll chase you relentlessly!

Captured is still early in development so does have a few rough edges, but it’s a very tense and unsettling experience that has you on edge from start to finish. A terrifying torture-filled horror adventure that requres nerves of steel and a very light foot.

Tip: Be VERY quiet and count the bodies.

Download The Captured Pre-Alpha Demo Here