Car Drawing Game – Prototype

Car Drawing Game is a simple and fun little 2D physics based puzzler where you sketch out outlines of vehicles that are the correct shape to overcome the various obstacles in each level.

Creating a car in Car Drawing Game is remarkably simple – you just draw one line and wheels are automatically added to each end of that line. Once created the car then drops to the ground and starts to automatically drive towards the right of the screen. Depending on the obstacles in your way you’ll need to create a variety of different shapes of car though – from simple straight lines, to large looping lines or even hook shapes to latch on to overhead structures.

It’s still early in development (and still doesn’t even have a proper title), but it’s an addictive little game that’s great fun to play around with. It’s got a very intuitive building system, allowing you to easily construct your little line-based cars in seconds then watch as they race to the finish line or (more likely) flip, fall and fail. On your marks, get set, draw!

Play The Car Drawing Game Here (Browser)