CARamari: Tentacle Four-Way – Game Jam Build Download

CARamari Tentacle Four Way game

CARamari: Tentacle Four-Way is a beautifully drawn and wonderfully chaotic little game in which you play a squid on their first day as a traffic conductor who must attempt to stop accidents being caused by some very impatient drivers!

You’d think that having 8 arms would make traffic conducting a walk in the park, but unfortunately the busy intersection you’re manning in CARamari: Tentacle Four-Way has a constant stream of reckless and impatient drivers. You hold up your arms to wave lanes of traffic through, making sure not to leave any one driver waiting too long or they’ll get impatient and just drive through anyway (usually resulting in a crash). However, you also have to be observant of vehicles that are driving too fast to stop, and must quickly wave them through or risk the chances of them read-ending someone who has managed to stop at the lights.

It’s a fun and fast paced game with some frantic traffic conducting gameplay and fantastic artwork that’s packed full of character. It’s unlikely your little squid will make it through his first fday as a traffic conductor, but you’ll have a ball trying!

Tip: You can wave through two opposing lanes of traffic at the same time (or all four if you want to cause an epic pile-up!)

Download CARamari Here (GGJ Site Struggling With Heavy Load Direct Download Here)