Caravella’s Critical Crisis – Game Jam Build Download

Carvavellas Critical Crisis

Caravella’s Critical Crisis is a game within a game that sees you playing Giant Bomb’s Vinny Caravella as he attempts to juggle household emergencies while trying to play Hideo Kojima’s new game – Critical Crisis.

Set in an alternate version of 2015, you play Kojima’s new game on the left hand of the screen, and have to pause it to deal with the masses of family emergencies on the right side of the screen.  Both parts of the game are fun in their own ways – Critical Crisis offers challenging stealth combat gameplay and riffs on Metal Gear tropes, whilst the various household emergencies offer up some charming pixel art animation and funny audio-bytes from the Giant Bombcast.

It’s a sad fact that most fan games are terrible.  Not so with Caravella’s Critical Crisis – it has a fabulous premise is backed up with fun gameplay and a great sense of humor.  A perfect blend of Giant Bomb silliness and Kojima stealth.

Note:  Once completing the game you’ll have the option to play the full game of Critical Crisis uninterrupted by Vinnie’s household emergencies.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Carvella’s Critical Crisis Here