Card Hog – Beta Demo

Card Hog is an addictive hand drawn roguelite dungeon crawler where a little pig battles their way through card-based dungeons full of loot, traps and weird monsters.

Currently in development by Aur, creator of the excellent Iron Snout, in Card Hog you help a little pig as he fights his way through deadly card-based dungeons. In the current build there are two single-player modes (Endless Crawl and Fire Escape) and two multiplayer modes (duel and escape together), with the goals being different in each of them being different, but the core card-based dungeon crawling gameplay being the same.

You move through the card-based dungeons by clicking on a card next to your piggy adventurer. If the card you click on contains an enemy then you will attack it and will only move onto the enemies card once it’s defeated. There are a variety of other types of card though, containing loot, shops, health, traps and weapons. You need to navigate the dungeon in such a way that you keep your health up while clearing out the various enemies in your way.

It’s a fun game with a charming hand drawn art style and addictive card-based dungeon crawling gameplay that’s easy to pick up and play. See if you’ve got what it takes to be a boss hog or if you end up as cooked bacon!

Download The Card Hog Beta Demo Here (Steam)