Card Shark – Beta Demo

Card Shark is a very stylish hand drawn adventure where you use cunning and sleight of hand to earn a fortune cheating in card games in 18th century France.

Currently in development by Nerial (creators of Reigns), in Card Shark you follow the story of a young mute servant/waiter who meets a shady old card shark that takes him under his wing. After a little trouble at your previous place of work, you set off with the card shark who teaches how to cheat at cards. As you progress you learn lots of different techniques and tricks which you then use to try and swindle the wealthy out of their cash in card games – just try not to get caught!

At the moment the new card tricks that you learn come a little too thick and fast to sink in and become a little overwhelming (and means most scenes feel like a tutorial rather than allowing you to just enjoy the game). However, if the devs can get the pacing right, Card Shark could be a classic. The artwork is striking, the characters are fun, the gameplay is very unique and the story is excellent, with some fun twists and moments of real drama. It turns out cheating is a lot of fun!

Download The Card Shark Beta Demo Here (Steam)