Cardamom – Alpha Demo

Cardamom Game Download

Cardamom is an adorable interactive musical adventure in which you play a cat who enters the lives of three tenants of an apartment block, helping with their emotional problems and listening as they relay their feelings though song.

In Cardamom you play a stray cat who likes to hang around a particular apartment block and spend time with its residents – all of whom are prone to bursting into song. It plays a little like a traditional point and click adventure, but instead of solving puzzles you listen to songs and choose different interactions with the residents to help them get their lives together and stop them from descending into their unhealthy lifestyles.

The current build of Cardamom features around half of the full story and really impresses with its charming visuals, cute feline protagonist, quirky musical premise and believable characters with real life problems. A little musical adventure with a big heart.

Download The Cardamom Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)