Cardiac – Prototype Dowload

Cardiac is a gross and surreal little horror experience where you use tendrils to propel a big sloppy heart through the game world.

In Cardiac you take control of a big fleshy heart which moves by shooting out tendrils – a little like Spider-Man but infinitely more disgusting. Despite the odd means of propulsion, it’s quite easy to get to grips with, with you simply pressing the right mouse button to reach out and latch your tendrils, then pressing the left mouse button to pull you forward.

The current build of Cardiac is very much an early prototype, so there’s not a lot of gameplay – it contains three abstract environments to crawl through, taking around five minutes to complete. It’s a fantastic concept though which could be used in some interesting ways when it’s expanded on. A freaky fleshy heart flinging oddity well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Cardiac Prototype Here (Windows)