Cards Against Friends – Beta Download (Android)

Cards Against Friends is essentially Cards Against Humanity for Android mobile devices, which allows you to compete with other players to find the most hilarious combinations of cards possible.

For those unaware of the fantastic card game that it Cards Against Humanity, it’s basically a word based card game in which players attempt to fill in the blanks of a statement by laying cards to create as hilarious (and offensive) an outcome as possible. A judge picks a winner, points are awarded, a new judge is selected and the whole thing repeats again. It’s a fantastic party game that allows for some truly horrible and hilarious combinations of cards.

Cards Against Friends recreates the Cards Against Humanity formula, pretty much exactly, but with online multiplayer, a local pass n’ play mode and support for lots of custom card decks that allow for even more weird, wonderful and outrageous card combinations. It’s still in development so the UI could do with a little cleaning up, but otherwise it’s very impressive and makes for a very convenient way to have some Cards Against Humanity hilarity on the go.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available