Cards We’re Dealt – Alpha Demo

Cards We’re Dealt is a deck-building roguelike first person horror game where you find and equip different cards to help you escape a creepy office block in the afterlife.

In Cards We’re Dealt you are an operative who was sent into the afterlife to complete a mission. The mission itself was pretty easy to complete, however escaping the afterlife is going to be much harder.

Cards We’re Dealt takes place in a series of Backrooms-esque procedurally generated office floors. In each one your goal is to find the keycard and make it to the elevator. There are shadowy monsters lurking within the building, but you can collect cards that can help you avoid them or even kill them (teleport, increased stamina, a gun, etc.)

It’s still early in development so it’s lacking a little variety and could do with more types of cards, but it’s a promising game with a great premise. It’s shaping up to be a great deal of fun.

Download The Cards We’re Dealt Alpha Demo Here (Steam)