Carnival – Beta Demo

Carnival is a slow-burn narrative-driven point and click horror adventure where a narcoleptic journalist unravels the disturbing underbelly of 1940’s Venice.

Currently in development by Beyond Booleans (creator of Abscission), Carnival is a retro point and click horror adventure set during a time of great European upheaval in Venice. You take on the role of an English journalist who sets out to learn more about the customs, people, beliefs and folklore of the remarkable city. However, it’s not long until he discovers macabre events are afoot, and there’s also the small issue that he’s a narcoleptic who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat!

The Carnival demo takes around 20 minutes to play through. It’s a slow-building horror adventure so, there’s not a whole lot of drama or horror during the demo, but it does a great job of setting the scene and enveloping you in the mysterious city. The pixel artwork is excellent and dialogue is all very well written, helping to get to know the characters and the way they view the city (if your character can stay awake long enough to talk to them!)

Download The Carnival Beta Demo Here (Windows)