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Carried Away

Carried Away, a relaxing puzzler made for the One Game a Month, has you figuring out how to get across floating islands that really float.

Groups of floating islands are drifting out across the sky. Some of them tilt in place, whereas others are connected with ropes (which you can throw). Islands that have ropes coming off of them connecting them to other islands that float slowly back and forth, pulled by the rope. Some islands even have more than one rope stuck to them, moving slowly in between areas. You are able to grab onto the spikes at the end of the ropes to connect them to new islands or glide with the rope to a new area.

There’s a nice mixture of skills and problem solving required to traverse the islands.  Some far-away islands are harder to get too, taking some patience before jumps. Floating islands in video games isn’t a new thing, but it’s not often they actually feel like they’re floating, the islands in Carried Away bob through the air like real floating objects, making for a wonderfully unique puzzle platforming experience. Finding your way around this floating world is quite relaxing, as the background music plays and the grass sways slowly. A great little chilled out island hop through the clouds.

Download Carried Away Here (Win & Mac)

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  1. Really enjoyed playing the game, alot :D please continue to make the game and i would like to play it as a tester if that is possible :D

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