Carried Away – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Carried Away is a fun low poly physics based construction game in which you build all kinds of jumps, bridges, ski-lifts and other structures for skiers and mountaineers to use (and hope they don’t get too badly injured in the process!)

As we mentioned back in April during the Alpha sign up, Carried Away presents a fun new twist on the construction puzzler genre, with you not only having to worry about the compression stress levels in solid structures, but also the tension of the cable systems as you convey your little skiers to safety. It’ll feature over 50 levels that will require you to build jumps, bridges, gondolas, chairlifts and drag lifts across lots of hazardous icy terrain – all of which will test your construction skills in a variety of different ways.

There’s also a sandbox mode that will allow players to build, share and record replays of their most epic creations. With it’s wide variety of buildable structures, fun physics based destruction and endless supply of brave skiers, Carried Away’s sandbox mode will not only allow players so show off some incredible feats of engineering, but also potentially offer Happy Wheels-levels of carnage, crazy stunts and ragdoll maiming hilarity.

It’s a great looking game, that looks set to offer plenty of fun for good and bad builders alike. Just spare a thought for those poor defenseless skiers!

We have 100 Carried Away Steam Alpha Keys to Giveaway! To enter, just carry out any of the actions in the widget below, each action earns a separate entry into the raffle. Winners will be notified on Sunday. The devs are very keen to hear feedback, so feel free to drop by the Carried Away Discord Group anytime and say hi!

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Carried Away – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!