CARRION – Alpha Demo

CARRION is a delightfully brutal “reverse horror” game where you become an amorphous red tentacle monster and attempt to escape from a facility you’re trapped in and eat the people that imprisoned you there!

In CARRION you take on the role of a large amorphous tentacle monster that’s been imprisoned in a research facility. Obviously you can’t let this injustice stand and soon attempt to make a break for it, leaving a trail of blood, carnage and dismembered bodies in your wake.

The CARRION Alpha demo build takes around 15 minutes to play through and is a whole lot of fun. You control your monster entirely via the mouse, with you pointing and pressing the left mouse button to move or the right mouse button to grab. You’re quite formidable, but not invincible, so you have to be careful when entering some areas – a few lucky shots from soldiers or automated defenses can do some serious damage. You are fast though so you often have the element of surprise on your side, and you can always heal by devouring the bodies of your victims!

It’s shaping up to be an excellent game that really lives up to its delightfully macabre premise. The gameplay is fast, fun and brutal, and the pixel animation is fantastic. The way your amorphous monster wriggles, slithers and slides around the game world its particularly satisfying. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: The CARRION Demo Was Only Available for a Limited Time And Is No Longer Available, But You Can Visit the Steam Page Here

4 thoughts on “CARRION – Alpha Demo”

  1. Reminds me about the Terror Night game. Well, I am waiting.
    Also the guy in the vid could just ignored the bots, its a lot more productive to ignore them, they dont give any BioMass and can give you quite a damage.

  2. Man this game looks great, wonder if they could add a ability to control humans, that would be epic hope this game improves and reaches the top or maybe somewhere close. And again love the game and hope that you think about my little request.

  3. it is the best game i’ve ever seen oh god, the devs did an incredible job, i cant wait to play it
    ~:), any help with testing or dev, i’ll be here to help

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