Carrot Conundrum – Game Jam Build Download

Carrot Conundrum is a very simple looking, but surprisingly brain-bending puzzle game about a comic-strip rabbit that learns to venture outside of its frames.

Created for Ludum Dare 52, Carrot Conundrum is a puzzle game that may look simple, but it’s deceptively complex and has some clever fourth-wall breaking gameplay. The game revolves around a little bunny who loves eating carrots who learns to hop through time.

In each level your aim is to eat all of the carrots. Each time you move the gameplay switches to the next frame of the comic strip and you need to eat all the carrots before you reach the end of the strip.

However, it’s not long before you have too many carrots to eat within the prescribed amount of comic strip frames. That’s when you literally have to think outside of the box and that’s when things really start to get interesting…

It takes a little while to wrap your brain around as the fact that the current frame shifts with each move is initially very confusing (then when multiple versions of yourself are on the go it gets even more confusing!). It’s a very clever concept though that has some great Eureka moments and lots of inventive puzzle design. A hungry bunny puzzler that will break your brain!

Download or Play Carrot Conundrum Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)